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Hallmark of an Arrow with 3 Feathers on My 21k Solid Gold Ring What is the item? How can I determine which date mark for sure when several look similar? A wedding band Can you please provide all background information? This was my sister's ring given to her during the First World War and it was second hand then, could you possibly … I've studied a bit and i know that the 375 means that its … | REAL GOLD I bought a old cabinet that was in a bank vault. It is a rose gold color and is marked "REAL GOLD" on the …

it looks to be at least a carat maybe more, it is old' - It has no markings at all … Hi, i recently recieved a gold locket for my 18th and just wanted to know a bit about it.

A photo says a thousand words and a million when making a Hallmark Determination. Without photos, well..can only provide very broad opinions. P W R what is it Hello i have a rope necklace yellow in color on it says 15c and on the reverse side says what i think is hallmarked PWR can anyone tell me what it means … The acid test shows a solid 14k, yet fades - though does not fully dissolve … The earrings I'm talking about are gold and turquoise. The first appears after the 14kt mark and is a C with a circle around … What does hand earrings signify marked R (N in circle) K Earrings shaped like a hand-- mark on back is R N in a circle K Also what looks like a bird on a branch? First off there is a w.m I'm guessing this is the … I brought this ring lately, and after I google it, I think this ring's first mark is "I o" then next is "Victia" head's mark , next is a "lion" I believe … Hi, I am trying to work out the hallmark on my mum's engagement ring. The back is marked 14k and has hallmark of G with a T over it or vice versa. Hi I have a gold locket that I would like identified thanks I have attached pictures, the locket has a hallmark on the back that I have provided a picture of and the marks XVIII in various places inside the locket … espically about the "Star" because i have more with … Hello I have purchased a lovely ring and have been trying to find out ANYTHING about it. Next to the hallmark there is a makers mark, there is a letter G within a lozenge or diamond … It has 3 diamonds in it and 4 rubys, if they are rubys, and on the back …

Up to four photos can be uploaded with each submission. It has gold flakes in the center of the oval shaped centerpiece of the 'gold wrapped' heart shaped … Can anyone help identify the marks on this bracelet. This is a beautiful old bracelet that is signed on the clasp. Micro-Mosaic Scarab & Rosette Necklace marked (FAP) Have only seen one other example of my necklace and it was on e Bay for over 0.00. I have never seen a hallmark like it before, can you help. Can anyone help identify this "asterisk" shaped hallmark? Having much difficulty finding any marks similar that might help identify maker or age. GMFW Can you tell me anything about these earrings? n shape next to KK in a circe with INLAND in writing Hi there, my mother come across this ancient looking medallion. solid gold and diamonds elephant pendant to identify.... it has a diamond on the bottom of his right foot.... stamped 14k and KEVIN in block capital letters I believe this is vintage with pearls, diamonds and sapphire eyes. My father gave me a ring which he said came from my great, great (and maybe another great) grandfather. What do these hallmarks tell me about this ring's age and value? I have a plain smooth gold ring marked inside "A C ". Strange Gold Hallmark; Pencil or Needle Shape | Old Emerald Ring I have an Antique or Vintage emerald ring that is 10k white gold with diamond accents.

It does not have the carat marked, but has the following: … Origin of left facing roman man's head on outside of shank. I have recently inherited some jewelry of my late grandmothers.

Citrine Jewel Set Horse Adorned Filigree Seal-Birmingham Anchor but when was it made (W) ,by whom(J. Recently repaired ,as the horse feet had come off the filigree. This is an 18kt onyx, pave diamond and emerald panther ladies ring. The top of the bail is stamped 750 with a maker's mark that has two triangles on their sides with the top points touching (so that it looks a little like … Do you know what they may be the maker or designer's initials. Most of them I have been able to identify and date but these two items are a little harder … I don't believe this piece is an antique, but thought I'd ask you anyway re the 'delta' mark that I found on a gold pendant, and also on a gold chain. Free form Gold & Diamond Ring with asterisk marking..does it mean? I have an Antique Gold ring that has been passed on from my husband's aunt.

It's stamped 14A with a barred capital letter I or 3 tally marks … I have an "H" with another mark inside an oval on my gold plated 925 diamond pendant. I got ahold of a gold plated, 925 sterling silver & diamond pendant. Whilst searching for my elusive cell phone, I happened upon this strange ring. letter c with what looks like a horses head on either side We have a silver plated dish with the mark with what looks like the letter c with a horses head on eithe side and a number 3157. circle with a k in it - antique butterfly broach I have a antique butterfly broach with diamonds on the wings and emerald eye. Another cursive H next to 14k, but with a photo ... Marks on a gold sapphire & diamond half eternity ring The ring I have has the mark T. I was robbed and need to know the appox value of my grandmother's wedding band. The metal is gold on silver (I think) as the ring is marked on the inside thus: GOLSIL … Wonderful old watch, high quality, about 1 TCW diamonds (nice, old but not mine cuts) and genuine saphhire … Pocketwatch Case Hallmarks and Maker's Marks - Austro-Hungarian? Found gold ring metal detecting | What are the hallmarks? Inside is stamped with a five point star then 554 AR and 750. I have a gold ring from England with a large fire opal the ring does not have any other markings except S&G all in caps and no other hallmark....it holds a large 15mm x 9mm fire opal in a pear shape... Soldier's LEFT facing profile in verticle hex shaped box...... The furthest to the right is a LEFT facing soldier/warrior figure with a skullcap type helmet in a hexagonal …

I think I have a genuine 14K Puffed Mariner / Gucci Link Chain (mayby) ??? Golden ring, 22.6 carat and rock crystal - hallmark VS. I made sure it was real diamonds by going to the jewelers. It is marked with 750 and under it is a k inside a circle. shape of 2 diamonds followed by a C on Gold Plated Necklace we have a necklace that is gold plated, .925..makers mark is 2 diamond shapes side by side, followed by the capital letter C. I have a ring that was given to me with the following markings inside. Antique ladies wristwatch, diamond, 'Platine' with a goat(? I recently acquired an antique pocketwatch (Swiss movement), with a gold or gold-filled case whose markings I have not been able to identify. Identifying possible French gold hallmark and maker's mark on a ring These are photos of a gold ring showing what appears to be a hallmark of an Eagle's Head in one photo, and in the other photo, a possible maker's mark … | Gold Ring I have an old 18K White Gold Ring left to me by a Great Great Aunt. I think that the 750 means 18 kt but would you know … J, 9, .375, anchor (side), letter 'i' I have a cigarette holder made of bone or plastic and the top looks more like a copper colour than gold. White Gold or Silver ring marked "DB" Hi, I have a vintage diamond and white gold or silver ring that is marked "DB".

It is not a State of the Union Cross and I don't think it was made in France. Are there particular dates when the hallmark K18 was used?

Letter T Within a Shell On a Pair of Vintage Japanese Earrings? A pair of 14K white gold and cultured pearl screw-back earrings. Not too sure, I know it was given to me after my grandmother … Can you please identify the markings MA K18 on a chain? gold colored filigree & "pearl" pendant on chain Can you please provide all background information? Vintage Deco Style Rhinestone Cluster Horseshoe Design Ring What is the item? Men's Ring With Marking of House With B Inside I have a man's ring that was my grandfathers, who came from ireland to US . The watch is 18k Gold crown with sapphire crystal & is swiss quartz.. Three Crowns, Two on Bottom, Gold Ring Hallmark Identification I received a gold ring and am trying to obtain any information that i can about it. I am interested in an apparently 18ct gold and 5 ruby ring being described as being English from around the 1910 to 1930 era. I inherited some jewelry from my father, he'd be about 79 now if he had lived. Hi, I have a white gold crucifix with a small diamond in the middle, so I believe. Hallmark Question: Anchor tipped to right & letter K | Ring I'm wondering about a hallmark on a ring as described above: Anchor tipped to right and letter (uppercase) K next to it. Maker mark KN on 14k 585 gold pearl & diamond ring Hello, Looking for information on a vintage gold pearl ring surrounded by 10 small diamonds and the band is marked KN on one side and 14k 585 on the other, …

An antique 21k gold ring of a hand holding a small star cut nugget between its two fingers Can you please provide all background … Gold Wedding Band Inscribed "portrait" 14k then a Tiny Pear with a "p" Inside the Pear? Gold Band ring Can you please provide all background information? gold ring marked for Birmingham (anchor sideways), 22ct gold , G (maybe 1855? It was my grandmother's and may have been hers or passed down … I have a watch with a logo no Jeweler can Identify The watch has a logo with a crown above a pair of mirrored letter Bs back to back. Would a UK 1910 Gold & Ruby ring not have a hallmark ? SOLID GOLD stamped French or Czech ruby or garnet ring? Gold Diamond (i think) Crucifix Pendant | Is the Diamond Real? Pave diamond or cz heart pendant necklace--hallmark will help me figure it out I just got a pendant necklace and the stamp on the gold chain is 1/20 12K which I understand is 1 20th of the gold is 12 k..there is another mark …

I recently purchased a cameo which was hand-carved on a shell.

The cameo depicts several horses in front of a town. Maker's Mark on Russian Ring - Latin or Russian letters?

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The company, which did not admit wrongdoing, agreed to allow access to both its gay and straight dating sites with a single subscription, to display its gay dating services more prominently and to establish a settlement fund to pay people who can show they were harmed by the company's policies.

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Signing up means you'll be for a fleshed-out questionnaire that'll aid in matching you with compatible people by 29 hook character traits.

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Find out what's changed to convince me about 2026 and what you can do about it...

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Für Studierende und Praktikanten stehen folgende Links zur Verfügung: Viele ausländische Studierende möchten an der Universität Regensburg oder am Universitätsklinikum ein Praktikum absolvieren.

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Or our anniversary gifts page with lots of anniversary gift ideas and inspiration too!

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Determined that Mama Grey would not be dropping this litter on her front porch, my mother put her in the milkhouse.

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Memorials may be made to the Church of the Holy Family,200 Hayes Road, Chapel Hillor a charity of choice. Sidney Jay Cade, 53, of Goldston died Thursday, () at his residence. He was preceded in death by his parents, Bennie and Ina Brown; wives, Lois D. Brown; sisters, Hilda Brewer, Myrtle Teague; and brothers, Clint, Howard, Lynn, Colon and Buster. Wachs and husband Bob; two grandchildren, Suzanne W. Wachs and wife Amanda of Bear Creek; great grandchildren, Jackson and Elizabeth; brother Norman Brown and wife Mary Lea. The family received friends on Friday evening from 6 until 8 p.m. He was the son of the late Benjamin Troy and Orpha Laura Faulkner Walters and was also preceded in death by his wife, Mildred Lee Walters, two sisters and three brothers.

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She also appeared as a guest on YACHT's third album, I Believe in You. Known for her androgynous onstage persona as a performer, she has been called a "neo-Annie Lennox" by the New York Times.

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These apps are available first (or only) on smartphones; rely heavily on serendipity and the immediate proximity of fellow users; and deliver quick acceptance or dismissal, rather than courtships gamed out over lengthy questionnaires that are aimed at predicting longer-term compatibility.

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According to the opinion of many people a source of this beauty lays in multinationality and richness of human phenotypes in russia.

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Debes acudir a un neumólogo o a tu medico de familia. @siento que me un picor en la garganta me va fartando el aire mi fuerza se agota crwo que me voy a agua y chupo una menra y siento luego en quince minutos me repite li mismo.

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Men who hear these commands feel a strong urge to love you and care for you, or even to worship you.

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Ne Va lie to me nor disrespect da trust, cuz I HATE tht type of peop..