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All this may shed a significant beam of light on why so many rulers had so much trouble with the Hebrews, Jews and early Christians: they wouldn't sit still!A people that huddles around a clearly visible effigy can be knocked into submission by knocking that deity off its socket (1 Samuel 5:3, 2 Kings ).Strangely enough, modernity does not speak of Japhethites when referring to Indo-Europeans, or Hamites when discussing Africans (although a Hamite language group was once proposed but then rejected).Hebrews, or rather: Eberites, are "sons of Eber" (Genesis ).This common term 'ibri, or so the theory goes, was then recruited by the Bible writers to denote a kind of theological nomadism, that of the Hebrews, or the "school" of thought which is typically not pinned down in one particular position, or even organized in a political sense, but which travels with the herd from one grazy pasture to the next, learning from other nations and cultures as it goes along.Israel's theology may seem unique to a careless observer, but comparative mythology shows obvious overlap with the traditions of Babylon (in the story, due to the origin of Abraham and the patriarchal wives) and Egypt (due to Moses' education). KUSATU: Kleine Untersuchungen zur Sprache des Alten Testaments und seiner Umwelt 15 3-31. Writing a Descriptive Grammar of the Syntax and Semantics of the War Scroll (1QM).

“Writing a Descriptive Grammar of the Syntax and Semantics of the War Scroll (1QM): The Noun Phrase as Proof of Concept.” Pp. Hence Jesus could say that "they knew not until the flood came" (Matthew ), and on several occasions, people who take leave of the quality that defines homo sapiens are equated with animals (Psalm , Ecclesiastes , 2 Peter , Jude ).Still, the "sons of Noah" people the whole earth (Genesis ).The "land of Israel" was dubbed the "province of Judah" by the Babylonians (which was copied by the Romans, who called it Judea) and the people living in it became collectively known as Jews — later nationalism restricted this ethnonym to true and proven Israelites, as opposed to Samaritans and gentiles.A follower of Jesus is someone who, like Jesus, has been anointed and is now an ordained king, high priest and prophet.

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